Barry Group Wins "Top 50 Exhibition Organizers in China" Awa

2021-07-20 15:29:16

On December 17, 2020, the 2020 International Convention and Exhibition Branding Conference(ICEBC for short) was held in Beijing.

The ICEBC was hosted by China International Conference Exhibition, jointly sponsored by China Association of Urban Conference and Exhibition Industry, AIPC and AKEI , hosted by Beijing Xinyi Century Advertising Co., Ltd., and supported by data from Beijing Xinzhan Smart Big Data Technology Research Institute. The main content of ICEBC is to publish the list of industry big data and carry out brand strategy discussion, with the mission of "promoting the transformation of China's exhibition industry from high-speed development mode to high-quality development mode and accelerating China's transition from a big exhibition country to a powerful exhibition country".

With the theme of "brand responsibility", more than 400 representatives from exhibition management departments, industry associations, organizers, exhibition venues and exhibition service providers from all over the country attended the opening ceremony. During the conference, the industry big data list was released, showing the status quo of various fields of the exhibition industry through detailed data. The published list is divided into six categories, including exhibition projects, exhibition centers/conference centers/conference hotels, people, exhibition organizers/exhibition service providers, exhibition education institutions, exhibition cities/award destinations, with a total of 18 sub-lists.


Changchun Braim International Convention and Exhibition Group Co., Ltd. won the honor of "Top 50 Exhibition Organizers in China 2020" in the 2020 International Conference Exhibition brand ranking list, which shows that the exhibition industry is striving to build the core competitiveness of brand management under the new normal.

By setting an example of industry brand, this activity stimulated a new wave of brand development of convention and exhibition industry at home and abroad, and expected more people to know and understand the brand, pay tribute to the brand and strive to be a brand.