The 9th Tianjin Meijiang May Day International Auto Show (Wi

2021-07-20 15:25:44

The 9th Tianjin Meijiang May Day International Auto Show (Winter) was successfully concluded on December 13. Meijiang International Auto Show, which was under the regular epidemic control, had a total exhibition area of 60,000 m2, and more than 1,000 models of more than 100 automobile brands were grandly exhibited here. It attracted 125,000 person-time during the five-day exhibition period. Coinciding with the year-end sprint and the Double-12 consumption season, this auto show has contributed to the sustained recovery of the automobile industry and the promotion of automobile consumption in Tianjin and even Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region. A total of 10,200 vehicles were sold during the exhibition period, equivalent to RMB 95 million.



At the beginning of 2020, an epidemic spread to all walks of life, and the automobile industry was the first to bear the brunt. On the basis of the original negative growth of automobile sales, the pressure of sales and even the pressure of survival were superimposed again. Looking at the whole automobile industry, all automobile brands are focused on the second half of the year. At the end of the year, Meijiang International Auto Show coincided with the time. It was the best foothold for brand exhibitors to drive consumption with auto show and improve the quality of life with automobiles.




Demand for Quality Life Boosts the Year-end Automobile Consumption Season

As the annual exhibition of the automobile industry in Tianjin, brand exhibitors of this auto show all brought their concept cars, starter cars, popular cars and other models to the show. On the first day of the opening ceremony, more than ten new cars were unveiled. GWM POER off-road Diesel 8AT, HAVAL Dagou, WEY Tank 300, Lynk & Co 01, ORA Hao Mao, BMW M4, Morris Garages 5, Peugeot 508L New Energy, Volvo XC40 New Energy, Audi Q5L Sportback, BMW ix3, Trumpchi GS3, Kia K3 New Energy, Audi Q8, Touareg New Energy, Volkswagen CC, New Golf, Aion LX, and MG Pilot made their debut in Tianjin.



Multiple Epidemic Prevention to Ensure Health and Safety

Under the guidance of relevant departments, this auto show strictly implemented epidemic prevention and control policies to fully protect the safety and health of participants. Spectators should enter the exhibition with their health codes, real-name identification and face matching verification, infrared temperature measurement, tickets and certificates, masks and pass the security check. Comprehensive disinfection, safety inspection and passenger flow diversion were carried out regularly in the exhibition hall to ensure the safety of the exhibition. Every exhibition hall at the auto show was equipped with disposable disinfectant, disposable masks and other epidemic prevention materials. A special service desk was set up in the exhibition hall to provide comprehensive services such as medical care and guidance for the audience; With Wi-Fi coverage throughout the exhibition area, people can watch the live broadcast and shoot the Tik Tok without disconnection.


An unexpected "cold winter" in 2020 brought tremendous pressure to China's economy and auto market, and finally, the whole industry saw the future with the strong resilience and flexibility of China's economy. At the end of the year, Meijiang International Auto Show went against the trend, which brought strong assists to the recovery of the auto market at the end of the year and during the Double 12 Consumption Festival. We believe that the restarted auto market will ride the wind and waves and return to the peak state.

Looking forward to see you again at The 10th Tianjin Meijiang May Day International Autop Show 2021(April 30 to May 5, 2021).