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2021-07-20 14:43:21

held in Suzhou International Expo Center.

The China Automobile Dealers Industry Convention & Expo has always been regarded as a weathervane of the annual development trend of China's automobile market, a shining business card in the global automobile field, and an industry pageant eagerly awaited by automobile dealers, second-hand car dealers, service providers and media personnel. As a one-stop platform for exhibition, communication, cooperation and procurement built after the integration, optimization and upgrading of industry resources, under the 's macroeconomic policies. How to break through the tight encirclement and break through the puzzle will be answered in this grand gathering.

Facing new forms and responding to new challenges. In this annual grand gathering, new ideas and methods will be put forward for the whole industry, the wisdom of the automobile industry will be gathered, and a brand-new automobile distribution system will be explored in depth.

(Leaders are touring the exhibition hall)

The total exhibition area of the Expo and concurrent activities reached 15,000 square meters, and the exhibition contents included host plants and new energy vehicles, second-hand vehicles and related service institutions, automotive supplies (boutique), automotive accessories, automotive insurance equipment and tools, financial insurance and related service institutions, internet solutions, automotive parks and other enterprises capable of empowering dealer groups. Make concerted efforts to break down the communication and information barriers between upstream and downstream of automobile and aftermarket industries, help the development of the whole industrial chain in China's automobile distribution field, and build a professional platform for industry exchange and cooperation.

(Some Exhibitors)

It is worth mentioning that at the site of this Expo, more than 100 auto dealer groups including major dealers participated in the Expo together with the group's purchasing needs. At the same time, there are more than 50 high-quality automobile chain service enterprises and nearly 100 dealer group service providers. In addition, the outstanding dealer group will issue purchase demand on site, and the auto dealer group will also share the group purchase standard with exhibitors to provide production standards for exhibitors to improve product quality.


17th - 19th 

China Automobile Dealers Industry Convention & Expo 2020

Suzhou International Expo Centre

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